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The Beasts in Revelation

In Scripture, God uses the symbol of grotesque or wild beasts to illustrate wicked and threatening individuals (Ps 74:19, 1Co 15:32) or empires (Dan 7). In contrast, pleasant and docile animals illustrate individuals or groups obedient to Him (Isa 40:11, Jn 10:16). The beasts in the book of Revelation, then, symbolize the nature of the individuals and empires they refer to. These clever and understandable symbols help us identify who they are and how they fit into redemptive history.
    This five chapter mini-book explains the red dragon, the sea beast (also known as the conglomerate beast), the scarlet beast, the abyss beast, and the land beast. The shifting heads, horns, and crowns are also explained in detail as the apocalyptic narrative evolves throughout Revelation. Revelation is not impossible or inexplicable, however, it does demand a prerequisite breadth of historical, geographical, theological, and Old Testament prophetical understanding.