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Daily Christian Life

1. The Claws of Legalism

2. Thou Shalt Enjoy Life!

3. Black, White, & Gray

4. Eden, The Antidote to Legalism

5. Groping for the Preconscious Next

7. Letting Go of Good Times

8. Four Dangerous Mixtures

21. The Time I Gave My Seat to a Black Woman

23. The Rorschach Test: What Do You See?

26. Gods of Happiness (P1)

27. A Jesus Who Is Happy (P2)

28. Prayer: Unanswered & Answered

11. What Love Is, What Love Is Not

12. Shrewd as Snakes

14. The Book of Judges

17. Adventure, Not Drudgery or Redundancy

18. Pregnant with Twins

19. When God Makes Exceptions

31. The Perplexity & Complexity of the Reward

32. Beyond Encouragement, Into Creation

29. Funny & Enlightening Truths from the Gym

30. Rule as Judah, not Jacob

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