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Smelling Aura, Subtlety, & Actuality


Did you know if a single drop of blood was floating in ten billion drops of water, a great white shark could smell it and pinpoint it? Did you know great whites can sense electromagnetic fields? This sixth sense is so advanced it can detect half a billionth of a volt. Sharks use the sense not only to hunt, but also as a GPS in the vast ocean. They follow the electrical "map" created by magnetic fields that crisscross the earth's crust.

    Job 12:8 (NIV) says, "...let the fish in the sea inform you."
    These and other facts about great white sharks inform us on discernment, the focus of the message below. Great whites are apex predators because they have the most advanced, state-of-the-art discernment, calibrated to their physicality and kinetics for sheer dominance. Similarly, we cannot live a victorious apex life without that same level of discernment. The Lord is speaking this to someone in serious need of much better discernment.

The Spiritual Sense of Smell

Isaiah 11:3 (KJV) says the Spirit would make Jesus "of quick understanding in the fear of the LORD".
    The underlined phrase ("of quick understanding") is the simple Hebrew verb ruwach, which means "to smell". It is also used in Genesis 8:21, where the Lord "smelled" Noah's sacrifice. Isaiah 11:3, then, most literally says the Spirit would make Jesus "to smell in the fear of the L
    In some fascinating spiritual dimension, the Spirit enabled Jesus to use a spiritual sense of smell to "sniff out" who truly feared the Lord and who did not. In other words, He had the apex-level discernment of a great white shark.

Discernment: Smelling Aura, Subtlety, & Actuality

Discernment is the developed ability to pinpoint aura, subtlety, and actuality. Hebrews 5:14 (NKJV) says the mature "have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil".
    Life is full of smokescreens, mirrors, holograms, and red herrings. People, even otherwise decent born-again Christians, can be manipulative and diversionary, sometimes without even realizing it. This is why discernment, the supernatural ability to smell and sniff out, is such a moment to moment priority. If you cannot pinpoint people's auras and subtleties to arrive at their actuality you will find yourself on the losing end of life over and over and over. You'll fall for the smokescreens, mirrors, holograms, and red herrings. This message is alerting someone(s) that your discernment is not astute enough for the coming season, a season that will certainly require it. Make preparatory adjustments now so that it is. Seek the Lord on this. I will leave the developmental applications to you and He.

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