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Five Premarital Conditions for Adam

Church, pray with me:
Our God and Creator, thank you for showing us the wisdom of timing and procedure in all things. Thank you for calling your singles out of folly and haphazardness, and into timing and procedure. In Jesus' name.

Five Premarital Conditions for Adam

Before the Creator presented Adam with the beloved of his soul, He established five conditions in his life. 
    First, He breathed into Adam (Gen 2:7). Single brothers, if you are not close enough to God to hear, feel, and receive His lifegiving breath daily, you are not ready to have a new life formed from your side.
    Second, He gave Adam his own home (v8). You need your own place. If you are not financially bountiful enough to have your own comfortable and functional refuge, you are not ready to coronate a queen.
    Third, He gave Adam a job (v15). You are to provide completely for your Ruth (Ru 3:15-17). Find your calling and work hard at it until you prosper financially. Sisters, do not tolerate a suitor without work, work ethic, and good-enough money skills.
    Fourth, He subjected Adam to authority (v16,17). If you cannot honor authority--employers, civil government, healthy church leaders--you will not honor your wife when she is right (Eph 5:21, Jdg 13) or as the weaker vessel (1Pet 3:7).
    Fifth, He gave Adam the power to name and confer identity (v19,20). Are you judicious at "naming"? How do you consistently describe others? What identity do you consistently confer on others? Are your labels of others skewed and shallow, or Biblical and discerning? If God can trust you to rightly name others, He can trust you to rightly name an Eve according to her true identity, personality, and destiny (3:20).

Only after these conditions were established did God form Eve and present her to Adam (2:21-25).

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