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The Holy Personality Type

Animal Illustrations: lion, German shepherd

In Three Words: powerful, purposeful, productive

Intellect or Emotions: intellect

Strongest Need: recognition, honor, control

Communication Tendency: bold, to the point

Social Tendency: proactive, extroverted

Perception of Others: everyone is a follower or assistant

Pressure Placement: does not mind pressure, and tends to pressure self and others

Work Habits: aggressive, determined, panorama-minded, organized, industrious

Spiritual Tendencies: holiness, authority, judgment, God as Lord of hosts or Supreme Authority, purpose, results

Sin Tendencies: authoritarianism, arrogance, (unrighteous) anger

Greatest Type Needed to Mature: the merciful type, because that type is patient and peaceful, whereas the holy type can be bossy, impatient, and too intense

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