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Intimacy with God

1. Where Are You God?

2. How God Speaks (The Seven Spirits of God's Voice)

3. Cherubim & Wheels

4. What To Do with A Personal Promise from God

5. Waiting on the Lord of Time, Times, & Timing

6. Groping for the Preconscious Next

7. Eden: Pleasure, Possibility, Prohibition

8. Jesus' First Miracle: Perplexities & Purposes

9. God's Uninformed Consent & "Only Choice"

10. God's Voice: Emotional Toy or Life Itself?

11. Are You a Planner or Intuiter?

12. When Jesus Takes Off His Sandals in Your Life

13. Have Goals Become Your God?

14. Providence & Serendipity

15. God Kills Ezekiel's Wife?

16. Gods of Happiness (P1)

17. A Jesus Who Is Happy (P2)

18. Why We Yearn for Nudity

19. Prayer: Unanswered & Answered

20. Transcending Your IQ with Wisdom & Revelation

22. The Perplexity & Complexity of the Reward

23. When Prayer Needs Something More

25. Changing Revelatory Mountain Peaks

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