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Intimacy with God

1. Where Are You God?

3. Cherubim & Wheels

4. What To Do with A Personal Promise from God

5. Waiting on the Lord of Time, Times, & Timing

6. Groping for the Preconscious Next

7. Eden: Pleasure, Possibility, Prohibition

8. Jesus' First Miracle: Perplexities & Purposes

9. God's Uninformed Consent & "Only Choice"

10. God's Voice: Emotional Toy or Life Itself?

12. When Jesus Takes Off His Sandals in Your Life

13. Have Goals Become Your God?

15. God Kills Ezekiel's Wife?

16. Gods of Happiness (P1)

17. A Jesus Who Is Happy (P2)

18. Why We Yearn for Nudity

19. Prayer: Unanswered & Answered

22. The Perplexity & Complexity of the Reward

23. When Prayer Needs Something More

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