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The Merciful Personality Type

Animal Illustrations: golden retriever, turtle

In Three Words: peaceful, patient, pliant

Intellect or Emotions: emotions

Strongest Need: acceptance/inclusion, relational peace

Communication Tendency: calm, conscientious, respectful

Social Tendency:  reactive, introverted

Perception of Others: others are leaders or potential close friends

Pressure Placement: does not like to be pressured and tends to not pressure others

Work Habits: relaxed, consistent, collaborative, adaptable, can be slow starting or lazy 

Spiritual Tendencies: compassion, grace, longsuffering, meaningful fellowship, submission, obedience

Sin Tendencies: afraid, accommodative, avoidant

Greatest Type Needed to Mature: the holy type, because that type is strong and independent, whereas the merciful type can be too tolerant and needy

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