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No One's Slave

Our Father, we thank you for delivering us from every abusive authority in our life! We worship you, because you are Lord over every lord in our life. You do not leave us under Saul's abuse forever. Thank you for inspiriting us to flee. In Jesus' name.

Evacuate Abusive Authority

One way the enemy traps us in endless misery, suffocation, mediocrity, and overall non-productivity is through abusive authority. Abusive authority can be parents, spouses, employers, pastors/spiritual leaders, or any other person in any kind of position of influence. This morning the Lord spoke a stern and concerned word for me to share with you: evacuate abusive authority.

Exaggerated Compliance

Abusive authority figures manipulate and maneuver to induce what I call "exaggerated compliance". They leave you with an icky, cobwebby feeling that you "should" and "must" comply. A tyrannical ghost hovers over you when they are not around. Some are more direct and headstrong, others are more suggestive and implicit.

Using Scripture as a Whip
    The most despicable dictators use Scripture and Biblical principles as a whip. To clarify, the Word does demarcate several lines of legitimate authority: in the home, church, workplace, society, etc. (Eph 5:21-6:9, Col 3:18-4:1, Tit 3:1). The safety clause, however, is that we are to submit to these only as long as abuse, serious sin, and harmful dynamics are not happening.
    (NOTE: This is not the place for me to explain Biblical grounds for divorce, separation versus divorce, or congregational protocol for confronting spiritual leadership. Just know these are in God's Word and must be understood and obeyed.)

No One's Slave; The Lesson of Jonathan

Paul said, be no one's slave (1Co 7:23). David fled Saul's abusive authority and saved his life and future. Jonathan did not and forfeited a wondrous destiny as David's right hand man (1Sam 23:17). You were bought at a price, you are no one's slave! Find the courage and self-respect in the Holy Spirit's love to flee Saul. Do not die on a meaningless battlefield, in a misdirected and unnecessary loyalty to Saul.

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