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School 2

Prophetic Ministry Equipping
(6 months)


School 2: Prophetic Ministry Equipping purposes to equip prophetically-oriented Christians for Biblical, healthy, accurate prophetic ministry. Prophetic expertise is presented as a natural and supernatural overflow of personal maturity in four cornerstone areas: spirituality, personality, relationships, and perception.


Month 1 & 2: Prophetic Ministry Overview
Month 3: Spirituality & Prophetic Ministry
Month 4: Personality & Prophetic Ministry
Month 5: Relationships & Prophetic Ministry
Month 6: Perception & Prophetic Ministry



Material is emailed every Monday morning. Bi-weekly email interaction with Junior on Tuesdays and Thursdays (ending at 6pm CST/USA); comments and questions responded to on those days. This school also includes a weekly phone session with Junior.


Upon completion, finishers will receive a copy of Junior's book, New Testament Prophecy: Healthy, Mature Prophetic Ministry in the Church.

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