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Prophetic Words


I Will Distress Facebook with Blow Upon Blow (6/30/20)

Choose Your Pandemic Wisely (4/29/20)


Ten Days of Prophesying (4/10/19 - 4/19/19)

Eight Prophetic Phrases for the Next Three Months (2/1/19)


Even the Dung Beetle Has a Design (5/27/18)

Activate Nemesis Program (5/11/18)


Horses (11/15/17)

Hostage Negotiator, Hall of Mirrors, Slither Away (10/27/17)

Caribbean, Not Hesitate, Three Hundred Rooms (8/30/17)

Snakes in the Walls, Sacred Cow Wisdom (8/12/17)

Time of the Chameleon, Preaching at Symptoms (7/27/17)

Revolt, Run Away, or Die a Slave (7/7/17)

Nine Days of Prophetic Revelation (1/1/17 - 1/9/17)


Lady in Silver, Second Responder, Inside Man (10/13/16)

Reaction Time, Not Width, The Jealous Eye (9/16/16)

Birthed in Wine, Your Donkey, An Old Thing (8/28/16)

Three Cities, Do Not Be Jealous of Your Prototype (7/13/16)

Stars, Romance My Wife, How Can I Fight (3/24/16)


Wait for the Revelation to Exhale (12/23/15)

Wrong Garden, Washington, Proverbs 30 (8/3/15)

I Will Not Prepare You in Your Mother's Milk (7/10/15)

Change Banks, Your Ice Age, Majesty & Beauty (7/6/15)

Go to Vancouver, The 1970s, If You Do Not Stop (6/16/15)

What Do You Really Want? (5/31/15)

10,000, Summer Romance (5/18/15)

Gifts of Majesty, Fire Discipline (4/24/15)

You Cannot Prophesy & Paddle (4/15/15)

You Have Passed Only Two of Three Tests (4/6/15)

Cherubim & Wheels (3/7/15)

Pregnancy, Two Things, Singing Before Babylon (3/2/15)

Work with Children, Your Smelling is Insufficient (2/26/15)

Fear of Heights, Sell the Property, Begin Saving (2/23/15)

Do Not Sue! Enough Weeping! (1/20/15)


The Language of Canaan, Three Needs (12/12/14)

You Will Dispossess (10/27/14)

Reenact My Holy Week and I Will (9/6/14)

2,000 Cubits, Miracle of Living, Lady in Red (7/19/14)

Lie Vulnerable, Game of Thrones (7/10/14)

A Designated Place, A Product Line before Winter (6/28/14)

About July, The Idol of Yes (6/22/14)

Mom Misogyny, Time to Unwrap, Your Callouses (6/17/14)

Do Not Trim the Edges of Your Glory (5/26/14)

A Jog, A Snake, & A Voice  (5/1/14)

Majesty Begins this Year, The Bear's False Peace (4/2/14)

Rule as Judah, not Jacob  (3/26/14)

Do Not Traumatize the New Growth (3/24/14)

Do Not Have a Baby Outside of Eden  (3/21/14)

Four Periods, The Child King, The Angry King (2/15/14)

I Am Not the Gardener in This Time (2/8/14)

I Will Heal You in My Cabin (2/1/14)

January, Feast of Dedication; February, Display (1/27/14)

I Have Opened the Crayola Box (1/23/14)

A Chihuahua in a German Shepherd Identity (1/20/14)

Learn to Cook, The Form of the Lord (1/16/14)

Secret Tributaries, The Second Portion, etc. (1/4/14)


Conspiracy Theories & False Evidence (12/28/13)

The Inventor's Economy, The Weekend of January 11 (12/22/13)

Within Ten Days (12/20/13)

The Gibeonites & Saul's Bones (12/18/13)

Pain-Driven Expedition, Rent for Two Years (11/18/13)

I Will Reveal Your Grade (11/15/13)

False Starts (11/12/13)

Discern the Fairy Tale & The Seed (1/22/13)

The Game of Shadows (1/16/13)

Idolize & Villainize or Humanize & Spiritualize  (1/14/13)


Leap from Bashan! (10/24/12)

I Give Up My Water Gun (9/7/12)

Conceal the Fatal Cut (7/19/12)

Reappear! (7/13/12)

Evacuate Abusive Authority (6/8/12)

Parenting a Cutter (6/7/12)

Lying Peacefully in the Vineyard (6/5/12)

When Prayer is Not Enough (6/4/12)

To Erase the Memory of Your Former Smile (6/1/12)

Stop Languishing, Become Beautiful (5/31/12)

Guard All Secrets & Sensitive Information (5/30/12)

Unlikely Allies (5/29/12)

A Lake Retreat (5/24/12)

I Have Made You Pregnant with Twins (5/23/12)

Do Not Rush Out of the Ark (5/22/12)

The Dove Says (5/21/12)

Was the Old Me Not Good Enough? (5/18/12)

I Am the Craftsman of New Identities (5/17/12)

Walmart Dream (5/14/12)

Your New Skin is Almost Complete (5/10/12)

Fathers, Coach Your Sons (5/9/12)

Run Over the Vulture (5/8/12)

Peter's Shadow & Covering Weak Spots (5/7/12)

Revival in the Soul (5/4/12)

Three Days to Possess, Idaho (5/2/12)

A New Heart, Early in July A Celebration (5/1/12)

Your Son Will Live, Shepherds & Politics (4/30/12)

In the Next Thirty Days (4/27/12)

The Lord's Bosom, Do Not Voyage (4/26/12)

I Hear the Growling Dogs (4/24/12)

Borders, Boundary Lines, & Territory (4/23/12)

Boca Raton! Land of Treasures (4/20/12)

Your Failure to Fly is Not A Mystery (4/19/12)

Are You Still Quarreling Over Contracts? (4/18/12)

How Many Wonders Have I Done for You (4/17/12)

September Good News, The Viper's Nest (4/16/12)


I Will Solve the Riddle of Your Soul (5/11/11)

Can My Flowers Bloom in March & June? (5/9/11)

You Will Deliver in the Eighth Month (2/15/11)

When You See the Spider's Web (1/17/11)

The Spirit says, "Eyes." (1/5/11)


You Will Give Birth Twice: First Gad, then Asher (12/5/10)

A New Day Dawns (3/4/10)

Two Sisters (2/13/10)

I Will Give You Three Cities (2/13/10)

A Key is Appearing, A Key I Give You (2/13/10)

Three Prophetic Insights for 2010 (2/5/10)

2010: The Non-Negotiable of Balance (1/7/10)


The Lord of the Stars (9/25/09)

Boca Raton! Boca Raton! (9/9/09)

Will I Not Send a Boat? (8/29/09)

How Can I Show You My Love? (7/31/09)

Six Generational Mandates (6/21/09)

Ten Strange Callings of the Future (6/6/09)

Five Months of Demarcation & Dispossession (4/13/09)


What Will Emerge in 2008?

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