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The Relational Personality Type

Animal Illustrations: ox, beaver

In Three Words:  pensive, permanent, performance

Intellect or Emotions: intellect

Strongest Need: deep longterm bonds; someone/something to perform for

Communication Tendency: realistic, serious, thorough

Social Tendency:  reactive, introverted

Perception of Others: realistic (skeptical) and discerning (suspicious); seeks deep conversation; fears others will embarrass them, shuns spotlight

Pressure Placement: pressures self and tends to accept pressure from others, but tends to not pressure others

Work Habits: orderly, thorough, industrious, finishes well

Spiritual Tendencies: faithfulness, dependability, discernment, spiritual order/structure, Biblical commands

Sin Tendencies: pessimism, cynicism, jealousy, legalism, rigidity

Greatest Type Needed to Mature: the unique type, because that type is spontaneous and creative, whereas the relational type can be too rigid on multiple levels

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