Response & Application

Where do we go from here? What are some godly, practical responses and applications associated with Daniel 2?

Regardless of what rapture theory you incline to, you must be ready for anything.

I say, without emotion or bias, based on a prayer-filled, cerebral, assiduous understanding of Scripture, history, and geopolitical developments: we are in the final generations of human history. The last phases of human civilization described in the Word are happening. If what remains happens slowly or quickly is not our concern--you need to be ready. Get your head out of your iphone and into God's presence. Get out of suffocating relationships and get in with those who can walk a last-days zeitgeist with you and the Spirit. Obey God's every shift and prompt and illuminated scripture. Grow determinedly in areas of bondage and immaturity.
    Every rapture theory has its strengths and weaknesses, so do not put your hope there. Fall on the Rock daily and put all your hope in that revelatory dialogue with Him. You must be ready with Him for anything.

Watch Israel? Well duh.

Regarding the last days, some Christians will say, "Watch Israel." Ummm...that's obvious but not specific. Watch what? Watch Palestinians throw six more rocks today than they did yesterday? Israel is ground zero for most things eschatology, requiring its own book or mini-book to address them all, so I will only reiterate what I said previously. Endtime Jerusalem will be "a cup of drunkenness" (Zec 12:2 NKJV). She will make many nations lose their minds and draw them against her. Watch Israel do things that make the world seethe with demonic anxiety, building to the Antichrist and his false diplomacy and peace.

Observe Turkey continuing to rise, struggle, test the region, scheme, form, and eventually expand.

After Israel, the second most relevant nation to eschatology is Turkey. Turkey was the center and continuation of Rome's eastern iron leg from 330 to World War I. It will resurge to lead the iron-clay feet and toes just as it led the iron legs from the split onward. Twice the Lord Jesus said Satan's home and throne were in Turkey (Rev 2:13). Twice. This is one of the most impactful eschatological scriptures in the entire Bible.
    I have written two mini-books on eschatological Turkey, Where Will the Antichrist Come From? and The King of the North. Both are at the Mini-Books page. Therefore, I will not delve into detail here. If you are interested in a thorough Biblical, historical, and eschatological explanation of Turkey, please read the mini-books. Below are links to two writings from secular geopolitical authors. One is a news article, one is a five-page excerpt from a book. They give a secular analysis confirming what Scripture says about eschatological Turkey.


Turkey's ambitions, by Darko Tanaskovic, Serbia's Ambassador to UNESCO: Neo-Ottomanism: Turkey's Return to the Balkans

Why Turkey is Gone for Good, by journalist Caroline Glick: Why Turkey is Gone for Good

Observe the western foot, Europe, slowly or quickly emerge into a definitive contrast of iron and clay states. Observe Europe's dynamic with Russia as one catalyst of this.

Remember, the iron represents ancient Rome's essence or nature. For Europe to break out of her pacifist dread of another continental war and manifest that iron, she would have to be significantly provoked. This is where Russia enters the eschatological narrative. Russia will successfully oppose the Antichrist, infuriating him into an ego-wounded rampage, Daniel 11:44 reveals. Russia successfully rebuffing Hitler's invasion (and Napoleon's...and Charles XII's...) is a stunning prophetic foreshadow of this. Only a fully revived Russia with advanced military capability could oppose or resist the beast.
    Before Antichrist appears, though, Europe (especially eastern Europe and the Baltic states) will feel threatened by Russia, explicitly or implicitly. This is happening to a degree as you read this. Google "Russian aggression" and read the many eye-opening articles and timelines (use multiple news sources in a variety of countries) about Russia's overt and covert actions, and how Europe is steadily (and in some ways, quietly) building up militarily. Always-stuck-in-the-middle Poland is buying $5 billion worth of U.S. Patriot missiles, and sweet-as-pie Sweden is buying $1 billion worth, just to give two examples at the time of this writing. These are Russia-minded defensive moves...for now. The Word says, however, defense will turn to offense when a ten-toed or ten-horned Euromideast alliance occasions one last iron emperor who will be a seemingly unstoppable war machine (Rev 13:4).