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Transcending Your IQ with Wisdom & Revelation

In the behavioral sciences, Intelligence Quotient or IQ is a number that expresses a person's aggregate ability in various cognitive functions (like analytical thinking, short-term memory, reasoning speed, spatial recognition, etc). These measurements are generally accurate and helpful, but not perfect (other factors may be causing lower test scores) or predictive of success (wider qualities and life skills are needed).
    Because I interact with so many people in my ministry, I sometimes encounter Christians with a low intelligence or IQ. I say that scientifically and factually, not morally or condescendingly. What I mean is, they do not seem to analyze situations or Scripture thoughtfully, thoroughly, or even at all. When they do, they take disproportionately longer to arrive at the right conclusions, or at least viable options. In recent years I have grown deeply compassionate of these individuals, because, I see they are not trying to be rebellious or stubborn to learn. Whether for intrinsic or extrinsic reasons or both, their intelligence quotient is struggling.

IQ vs The Mind of Christ

Through prayer and reflection in recent years, I sense the Holy Spirit has illuminated truths to me on this subject. The illumination begins with 1Corinthians 2:15,16. Here Paul says the spiritual person can accurately assess all things because he/she has access to the mind of Christ.
    I hear this scripture quoted voraciously, but I'm not sure we experience the practicality of it as often and as consistently as God intends. God is telling us through this scripture that we are not imprisoned or limited to our natural cognitive faculties. We can transcend them if we will mature in the Spirit's communication in our life. How do we do this?

The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation

I say this often, never forget it: Ephesians 1:17,18 is one of the most important scriptures in your New Testament experience. It says (NKJV, underline mine):

...may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened...

    The more we grow in our two-way relationship with the Holy Spirit, the more He enlightens our understanding with wisdom (practical intelligence that is immediately actionable) and revelation (supernatural information that may not be immediately actionable). This sequential, ever-increasing riverflow of wisdom and revelation into our cognition enables us to function at a level that transcends our natural IQ. The exhortation, then, is that you commit daily time and energy to your two-way relationship with the Lord. Practice prayer and perception, prayer and perception, prayer and perception. Memorize the seven main ways He speaks. You can read these in my article, How God Speaks (The Seven Spirits of God's Voice) in the Intimacy with God Catalog. You'll be hit-n-miss for a while as you learn, but eventually you'll get accurate and consistent if you keep growing in this two-way experience with Him.
    God said He would baffle and outdo the intelligent of this world, and use "the foolish" to do it (1Co 1:19,26-29). Do you feel foolish? Do you feel you do not have the IQ smarts this world depends on and idolizes? Perfect! Make the Spirit of wisdom and revelation your lifeline and very life, and you will live at a level that will be a sign and a wonder. Your Illumination Quotient can and will transcend your Intelligence Quotient.

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