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1. When Jesus Spits in Your Eye

3. The True Self & The False Self

4. An Exodus Out of Excuses (P1)

5. An Exodus Out of Excuses (P2)

6. Overcoming Jericho-level Bondage (P1)

7. Overcoming Jericho-level Bondage (P2)

8. Four Types of Self-Mutilation

9. When God Makes You Judge

10. Five Rules You Must Always Break

21. Becoming a Person Who Was & Is & Is To Come

13. The Tribe of Dan

14. The Anatomy of Addiction

15. The Dawning of Liars

16. Why People Need Lies

17. Recovering from Rejection

18. The Nine Blessings of Disappointment

19. Ten Defense Mechanisms

20. Overcoming Childhood Abuse

22. The Rorschach Test: What Do You See?

24. Gods of Happiness (P1)

25. A Jesus Who Is Happy (P2)

26. Is Your Spirituality an Old Wineskin?

27. Gad to Asher, Droopy to Happy

28. Transformation Precedes Inheritance

29. Becoming God's Two-Edged Sword

30. Holiness OCD

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