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The Unique Personality Type

Animal Illustrations: eagle, otter, dolphin

In Three Words: playful, persuasive, passionate

Intellect or Emotions: emotions

Strongest Need: affirmation, attention

Communication Tendency: expressive, inspiring, humorous

Social Tendency: proactive, extroverted

Perception of Others: no one is a stranger, everyone is an audience

Pressure Placement: does not like to be pressured, but tends to pressure others

Work Habits: idealistic, creative, collaborative, can be mercurial and not finish well

Spiritual Tendencies: joy, vision, newness, gray-area liberty, the Spirit's immediacy in the moment, experiences

Sin Tendencies: arrogance, anti-structure, (unrighteous) anger

Greatest Type Needed to Mature: the relational type, because that type is deeply faithful in relationships and work, whereas the unique type can be mercurial

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