Why Isn't Rome Named?

When it comes to the fourth and final empire, the one that is most important eschatologically, Rome is not specifically named. God only emphasizes the iron and the iron's lengthy trajectory. Why did He not name Rome, or at least indicate it more specifically, if it is so important? He certainly does not lack the prescience to do so. He could have named Rome five hundred years early as He named Josiah three hundred years early (1Ki 13:2) and Cyrus two hundred years early (Isa 44:28, 45:1). The answer to this question is profound and enlightening.

Follow the Iron, Not the Name

When God omits some information while giving other information, He wants us to concentrate on what is given, not what is omitted (Deu 29:29). He wants us to "follow the iron", not the particular name of Rome or any of its geopolitical continuations. He wants us to follow its nature, not nomenclature. God's message is that Rome's iron or essence would continue in some form until the very end, in both Europe and the Middle East, the two legs of ancient Rome. We can, therefore, panoptically trace the iron in its various continuations from history to the present to the end. As you read on, observe the master plan of Satan to perpetuate that iron, his final imperial effort, to rule this world.

The Second Coming

Nebuchadnezzar's dream tells us the Second Coming will happen in the days of the iron-clay feet and toes (Dan 2:34,35,44). The feet and toes will be struck and destroyed by a rock (Rock). The iron-clay feet and toes are the final mini-phases of the iron legs. They occasion Jesus' return.