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Why Prophecy Schools?

A school is simply proactive, organized development. In New Testament parlance, it would fall under the category of discipleship. Paul said the five leaders Jesus gifted to the church are to repair and prepare the saints for their own kingdom work (Eph 4:11,12). Prophecy schools, particularly, have a long Judeo-Christian heritage, beginning with Samuel (1Sam 19:20) and continuing through Elijah and Elisha's time (2Ki 2:3,5,15, 9:1). In the early church, Agabus seemed to lead a type of prophetic development group in Jerusalem (Ac 11:27,28, 21:10).

The Nature & Function of Prophecy

No one can teach you how to prophesy. A person using this language--often well-meaning prophecy zealots, but theologically callow--does not fully understand prophecy. What is the nature, then, of prophecy? What could be the purpose, then, of a prophecy school or development group?
    Prophecy is not a learned skill, per se, it is a "manifestation of the Spirit" (1Co 12:7,10) granted to some born-again Christians "as He wills" (v11 NKJV). A prophetic manifestation is perceived and flowed with, like being "carried" (2Pet 1:21 NIV) or floating down a river with no oars (Isa 33:21). It is also compared to being temporarily "changed into another person" (1Sam 10:6) or burning inside with the spiritual fire of a specific message (Jer 20:9). These illustrations help us understand the nature and function of the Spirit of prophecy. As we can see, a prophetic manifestation is not something taught, like studying Greek or lifting weights. It originates in the will of the Spirit, rises or surges in the person with a sense of weightless inspiration, and must be perceived and expressed properly. This is precisely where intentional education, training, and maturation is crucial.

Prophetic Development

A prophecy school or similar should never try to teach you to prophesy. It should educate, train, and mature those already experiencing regular prophetic manifestations. It should address intricate and tricky developmental issues like, why are some prophesiers so hit or miss? How does one grow to prophesy consistently in the 90-100% accuracy range? What are the eight or nine differences between Old and New Testament prophecy, and why is that so consequential? What is gift idolatry, the deeper roots of it, and how God judges it? How do emotions and imagination muddy or derail a genuine gift or a genuine prophecy? How does the gift gradate in power and specificity concurrently with spiritual growth and maturity? What are the different types of prophetic manifestations across church history, like during medieval Europe, and why is this relevant? How are different types of words to be handled and delivered? What are the seven spirits of God (Rev 1:4, 3:1, 4:5, 5:6) and why is this so central to prophetic ministry and all revelation?

Me Time & God Time is Running Out

These and many other elaborate issues are braided into the prophetic process. Organized development can help amateur prophets learn and grow through these issues much, much faster. Let's be realistic about time, as Moses commanded us in Psalm 90:12: you simply do not have decades upon decades to drag out your development. Some of you are at or past mid-life. Biblical eschatology is about 80-85% fulfilled. Human civilization is unraveling in preparation for the Second Coming. The Spirit is pouring out prophetic power with one last unique outpouring. Reflect on what I am saying with God using Psalm 90:12. It is time to commit now to intentional, systematic, sustained prophetic development, if that is your gift and call. You do not have to do it through JDM's prophecy schools, but you have to do it somewhere, somehow, in an intentional, systematic, sustained way.

My Story, My Heart

When I was 18 years old I learned about fasting through a booklet written by Bill Bright. Within days of my first ever fast I began having lingering impressions, visions, and other revelatory experiences about a shocking aerial attack here on American soil. Mixed with my significantly broken emotional condition and undisciplined imagination, I began believing and telling those around me that Iraq would attack the U.S. on a certain date that year.
    So began the long, lonely, difficult, complicated journey of prophetic development.
    The date came and went. Saddam Hussein stayed insular, concentrating on in-house tyranny, never attacking the U.S. aerially. So I left prophecy alone and focused on safer spiritual subjects.
    Then, a few years later, 9/11 happened--a shocking aerial attack on American soil, just as the Lord had shown me. Shortly thereafter, we invaded Iraq. All of a sudden my mind was transported back to all those revelatory bits and pieces the Lord gave me years earlier. I absolutely came to life. A prophetic identity came to life. It was the first milestone in my prophetic calling and life purpose. I quickly realized revelations often come in bits and pieces, and if we are not emotionally whole at every level, if we are not disciplined imaginationally, if we do not mature in a variety of areas, we will invent or add our own narrative to the revelations, making it mixed and inaccurate.
    During that time I often thought, "Why is there no technical discipleship available for the prophetically-gifted?" I really needed the intimacy, comfort, and technical mentoring that only a seasoned prophet could provide. In a mysterious and sarcastic spate of divine irony, soon after 9/11 God gave that mentor to me. Gees God.
    In the meantime, though, there were only cursory classes here and there, or shortterm trainings here and there, or books written by prophetic leaders of that time that helped in certain ways, but lacked important dimensions and did not address certain issues. There was simply nothing thorough enough or rigorous enough like what was and is available for pastors, evangelists, or missionaries. This is precisely how vision bursts into brilliant existence: in the empty space where nothing is but something should be.
    Years later, around 2009, I developed and launched three prophecy schools: an 8-Week Overview, a 6-Month Equipping, and a 1-Year Mentorship. The curriculum and protocol of these schools can be read here: 
JDM Prophecy Schools.

The Future of the Schools

Eventually, my vision is to purchase a property with residential capability and have on-site students, a worship team, and other trusted leaders helping me. Throughout my late teens I constantly wished, "I wish I could just get away and go somewhere and learn and grow and have a Cherith season with the Lord." (See 1Kings 17:2-6.) Christians at certain seasons, like Elijah, need that. From this property I would also broadcast JDM Radio, JDM TV, and set up my library and work center. (I have a kazillion books and growing, literally a library.)

Cost, Payments

Many of you have emailed me about the cost and payment options of the schools. The 8-Week Overview is $200, the 6-Month Equipping is $500, and the 1-Year Mentorship is $1500. During the 6-month school I come to you once so we can meet in person for a few days (at JDM's expense). During the 1-Year Mentorship I come to you twice (at JDM's expense). I do this to keep everything personal and relational, to get off techland and engage in real human contact the way Jesus did, and the way the company of the prophets did. You are not a number or a dollar sign; the longer schools are, without a doubt, relationships. There is the possibility that, down the road, graduates could become employed by, or affiliates of, or protectorates of JDM.

Phased Payments
    Some of you have asked about phased payments for the 1-Year Mentorship. The answer is Yes. This method of payment would be in three phases: $200 before School 1, $300 before School 2 (after the eight weeks of School 1), and the balance, $1000, before School 3 (after the six months of School 2). This works out well because the schools are sequential and progressive anyway, totaling up to School 3 or one year.
    Any other questions feel free to email me personally. The link to the schools page again, with their curriculum and protocol, is
JDM Prophecy Schools.

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