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The Most Common Question & Issue

On eschatology, I come across the following question the most in the born-again family. Within this question exist several constituent issues.

Why Should Eschatology Matter to Me?

When I hear this question and its various reincarnations, I instantly realize my brother/sister does not have a complete understanding of the New Testament (or Old). I do not say that emotionally or disparagingly, I say that scientifically. Perhaps they have never been taught well or thoroughly. Perhaps they are drowning in tribulations or tragedy. Hopefully it is not because of mere laziness or a valence-driven lack of interest. Whatever the cause, I realize I have to explain patiently the New Testament's main storylines, then instruct and admonish with power.
    The church is, ontologically, an apocalyptic organization. Jesus, our founding father, said He would physically return to the earth just as He departed--in a glorified state and with clouds (Ac 1:11). Paul, essentially the prime minister of the church, said that glorious Day would not come until a certain "man of lawlessness is revealed" (2Th 2:3), who moves into God's temple and plays God (v4), who Jesus must put a stop to with His return (v8). 2Thessalonians 2:1-12 is just one passage of many, many, many others across both Testaments that tell us we are, as a matter of identity, an apocalyptic community. If you are born-again in Christ, if you believe the two Testaments are extraterrestrial documents, the written Word of God, then eschatology is your ontology. You have been born of the Spirit into an apocalyptic worldview and community.
    If we ignore the subject altogether and act like that part of our spirit does not exist, it will affect our intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He yearns intensely for that Day and wants to say with the bride, "Come!" (Rev 22:17). He inspired all those eschatological scriptures, so they are meaningful to His heart and voice on several levels.

Eschatology Makes Us Understand the Times & Respond Accordingly

Jesus chastised first-century Israel because they could interpret the sky and forecast weather, but they could not interpret what was happening around them (Lk 12:54-56). How many of you know the times we are living in? How many of you discern what is happening around you on a macro scale? Would it affect the countries you visited or prayed for or ministered in? Why would our sweet Holy Spirit give us so, so much information on eschatology unless He wanted us to understand the major developments around us? Why would He give us a revelation of every Mediterranean empire from Babylon to the Second Coming (Dan 2), with increasing details near the end of Nebuchadnezzar's statue? Why would He give us two major books, with almost superfluous details, on the last days and the end of all things--Daniel and Revelation? Why would He make the "man of lawlessness", the Antichrist, the fourth most discussed person in all of Scripture, only behind Jesus, Moses, and Paul, the central figures of both Testaments?
    John 16:13 (NIV, underline mine): But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes...he will tell you what is yet to come.
    He wants us to understand and respond accordingly. He wants His overcoming remnant to have insider knowledge so we can act with strategy and technique. He wants us to prepare in whatever way He illuminates individually.
    Eschatology does not have to mean weird or creepy or mentally unstable or say Jesus is coming back on July 7 at 7:07 so cash out and live in an RV and rent billboards. Embrace your apocalyptic identity in Christ in a responsible, well-studied, worshipful, responsive way.

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